I am a qualified corporate lawyer with over 10 years’ experience in professional services. I started my career at one of the top law firms in South Africa in Anti-trust/Competition law and moved into Mergers & Acquisitions.

I then transitioned to a number of roles as in-house counsel to both Blue Chip businesses and successful start-ups, which then led me to a commercial role in Legal Solutions and Business Development in the field of NewLaw or Alternative Legal Services business (the combination of tech, people and process to do law differently). I have consulted and advised on tech and innovation strategies for top tier law firms and I currently head up a team of over 30 people in the NewLaw environment at a global law firm.

I’ve won two Legal Innovation Awards for my work and been recognized as one of the Top 200 Young South Africans by the Mail & Guardian.

I am part of an organization that raises funds for specific grants for cancer research through the American Cancer Society.

I am a trained life-coach and have been coaching professionals through their personal journeys since 2016.

In between all of the above, I’ve travelled significantly and in 2015 my husband and I resigned from our jobs and went travelling around the world for 6 months. I learnt to ski in the snow at the age of 30 for the first time, went to the French Open as a VIP, surfed in Sri Lanka and Indonesia, went scuba diving with sharks and really learnt to be fully present every day amongst many other amazing experiences.

My defining life experiences to date –

  • My parents got divorced when I was 27 and provided the catalyst for my own personal development journey. Your parents getting divorced no matter how old you are is a trauma. For me it has been my single most defining trauma, but ironically, a trauma for which I am very grateful for as it accelerated my personal development journey and pushed me to take accountability and ownership for my own identify, happiness and life;
  • I lost my mother-in-law to cancer in 2015. A devastating loss and the most traumatic process I have ever borne witness to. I have learnt to grieve. And how to live with grief;
  • I have been relentless in finding a job that I go to every single day that lights me up, gives me purpose, allows me to have an impact and affords me the flexibility to show up in a way that aligns with my energy. And I have been successful;
  • I have learnt to articulate my skill-set and value and am defined by those rather than my profession. As a result, I have been able to quickly pivot into roles that are not typical of my profession;
  • I have had a significant amount of family dysfunction and have gotten really clear on my values as an adult, my worth and clear boundaries with toxic individuals;
  • I became a wife in 2014 and a mother in 2018. Both rather defining moments;
  • Through my coaching practice (i.e. going to a life coach and being a grounded life coach) I have learnt to take myself to enquiry, let go of limiting beliefs, be able to deal with anything that life throws at me with calmness and confidence, and learnt how to access my deepest wisdom and intuition within a split second. I am able to respond to any chaos that the world serves up with absolute peace and kindness – for myself and others. Also – remember I’m a lawyer and I don’t buy into any woo-woo bullshit 😉