What is coaching?

Many of us walk through life a little asleep, feeling as if things are happening to us and not for us. I know I did for the greater part of my adulthood anyway.

Coaching is for people who are ready to wake up and smell the roses. Quite literally.

My job as a coach is to hold a safe, kind and sacred place for you to take yourself and your life to enquiry. How are the choices you are making working out for you? Are you even making a choice, or is nothing within your control. Do you know how to hold onto yourself in situations of extreme stress and discomfort? Are you fulfilling your purpose and passion in this life? Do you like your job? Do you have healthy relationships with appropriate boundaries? Do you know what it means to really take care of your needs and practice self-love and kindness? Are you living in the here and now?

I give my clients the tools to get rid of what is not working in their lives. But most importantly, I teach my clients how to trust themselves and make better choices. As adults.

This is not a 7 step plan to being a better human. It is a deeply personal journey and not an easy quick fix. But the reward is becoming the truest version of yourself. Easing anxiety. And, if I may say, finding your true purpose.

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